【Deadpool & Wolverine - 1/6th scale Wolverine Collectible Figure (Deluxe Version)】 Marvel’s infamous frenemies are back on screen together. While Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine is recovering from his injuries, he crosses paths with Ryan Reynolds’ hilarious Merc with a Mouth, together they will take audiences on a wild adventure filled with action, humor and unexpected twists and turns. Hot Toys is to kick start the month-long exciting Marvel showcase to commemorate its 85th special anniversary. With the FIRST collectible figure inspired the long-awaited Deadpool & Wolverine movie, we present the Deluxe Version of 1/6th scale Wolverine collectible figure that brings the mutant's legendary look to life in stunning detail. The screen-accurate collectible figure is crafted based on the appearance of Wolverine portrayed by Hugh Jackman from the upcoming theatrical release, features a newly developed masked head sculpt with interchangeable lower faces showcasing different expressions, a highly poseable muscular body, arms made in silicone material with seamless elbows design, carefully tailored costume that replicates his battle outfit, multiple interchangeable hands with attachable bladed claws for additional posing options. The Deluxe Version includes additional accessories for his alternate look, including an unmasked head sculpt, a pair of interchangeable sleeved arms, and a set of battle-damaged body armors to recreate more scenes. Unleash the claws of the Wolverine legend with this highly-detailed 1/6th scale figure! Be sure to take a look at our recently released MARVEL items too! #DeadpoolAndWolverine #Wolverine #Deadpool #HotToysCollectibles #SixthScale #UltimateMarvel

Posted by Mike Farbo at 2024-06-12 07:39:51 UTC