My first ever official order I placed off the Sideshow Website shipped also on 5/16/2024 the day I placed it! Here’s the big reveal of what I purchased: These were the two pieces I chose. Sadly the Clone Wars Season 7 Ahsoka I wanted was too expensive for my budget even with the coupon and Rewards. I basically only want the Loth Cat out of the 1/6th scale one lol. I recently actually bought a life size Loth Cat replica (non-Sideshow, handmade) and that’s why, because I love him so much. However I loved seeing the variety of poses in photos customers had provided for the 1/4th scale so I chose him too last minute, especially because I want to try to get more into toy photography like I see most of you. It will be my first 1/4th scale figure, I own two other 1/6th scale so far. (Kuiil and Blurrg and Bo-Katan Kryze, who I hope to provide some content on soon). Edit: Estimated Delivery Date with UPS is May 21st, they are giving me next update on the 20th, states still in California right now but that’s probably just not updated. Can’t wait to receive them! Super glad my whole family will be home that day and not working. The Giveaway Winnings seem to ship a lot faster from UPS but maybe it’s because you aren’t tracking them lol. I can’t wait to see the size comparison and different looks compared to my 1:1 Life Size Sideshow and Ashton-Drake Grogus!!

Posted by justthatstarwarsgirl at 2024-05-20 02:53:23 UTC