People that bought The Batman should get a credit applied to the account for it still not being shipped and sitting in “preparing to ship” status called last week CS said it’s stuck at port and should be shipped in a couple of days it has not been a week from that phone call this is absurd I personally have had it paid off since *March 17th 2023 unacceptable imo and we can’t even get any compensation for having our money tied up mind you my shipping charge was taken March 4th 2024 when I got the email saying it’s coming into the warehouse within the next two weeks and still have not shipped I know I’m not the only collector in this position I see it everywhere but is someone going to make it rite for the “loyal” customers that time and time choose to stay with SS? 😤🤬

Posted by TheHouseofCollectibles at 2024-03-27 14:19:02 UTC