Yes let me start by saying that I am a loyal SS collector and have a ton of figures from SS. That being said I cannot seem to get a grasp on what, why, and how this business works when it comes to customer loyalty. I have several examples but my latest would be on I will throw out there. I bought 2 Vader deluxe's and for my couple of dollars spent SS offered me $20 towards another $250+ figure and it will not work on a discounted figure so don't try it. So I sign up for a giveaway and SS offers me $25 towards another $250 figure......... HUNH? Like I said I love my figures and I will continue to buy but for the love of Pete somebody needs to figure out the meaning of loyalty and how to reward it! πŸ™„

Posted by domin8rss at 2024-03-22 17:15:01 UTC