This evening I bring you Hot Toys Commander Appo and Heavy Weapons Clone Trooper with Speeder Bikes from Sideshow Collectibles. I was lucky enough to make waitlist conversions for both of these after delaying too long during the initial pre-order. I am glad I was able to get them! As always with Clones, Hot Toys does a great job with armor and accessories. We get the usual high quality molded and painted pieces, with out 501st color scheme in all its glory. We get another interesting pauldron for Appo and the visored helmet and ordinance bag for the Heavy. Standard set of weapons and detonators included. These speeders, as all vehicles / mounts, are humongous. While not a full vehicle like a Batmobile, these will definitely take up some real estate in your displays. They are wonderfully detailed and the addition of the sidecar on the Heavy gives you a ton of posing options. These will look great next to the previously released STAP and the upcoming walker, as well as complement the Clone Wars Anakin and Ahsoka. All in all, I am happy with these. While a bit on the expensive side, the size and detail make them very eye catching additions to my collection. I look forward to figuring out how I will end up displaying these with my growing collection. Happy collecting! #SideshowCollectibles #HotToysCollectibles #HotToysPhotography #ToyPhotography #StarWars #YesSideshow If you liked this post and may be ordering this figure, please use my referral code (if you are feeling charitable): Commander Appo: Heavy Weapons Clone:

Posted by Cody R. Solley at 2024-01-05 08:33:24 UTC