Sideshow rocks! A few while back they asked us to nominate someone in our lives for a special acknowledgement of their selflessness and kindness they display every day while not asking for anything in return. Not even a thank you. I told them about my wonderful wife who is taking care of her mother who is dying of brain cancer. Sacrificing her own family time, her career & holidays to give the woman that brought her into this world the peace & comfort to leave this world with love & dignity. They asked what she is a fan of, I said the Mandalorian, the child to be specific. Sideshow surprised her by sending her a Life Sized The Child figure for her selflessness. Thank you SO much to those at Sideshow for seeing in my beautiful wife what I see everyday. You’ve made her so happy & full of joy in a time it was needed most.

Posted by weaponx2952 at 2023-12-21 23:47:29 UTC