【Marvel Comics - 1/6th scale Spider-Man Collectible Figure [Hot Toys Exclusive]】 Six decades have passed since the wall-crawling crime-fighter was introduced to the world upon the comic pages. Peter Parker’s journey towards great responsibility begins after he is accidentally bitten by a radioactive spider. As a result of the bite, he gains superhuman strength, speed, and agility along with the ability to cling to walls. Hot Toys is excited to present the 1/6th scale Spider-Man collectible figure inspired by Marvel Comics. This is a Hot Toys Exclusive item available with limited quantity of 2,000 pieces only in selected markets, initially launching in Japan, South Korea, Shanghai, and Hong Kong. Fans in the United States please stay tuned to Sideshow announcement for this awesome figure. The highly-poseable Spider-Man figure features a masked head with multiple pairs of interchangeable Spider-Man eye pieces, including a pair with silver chrome accent for diverse expressions; a classic red and blue Spider-Man suit with black web patterning and Spider insignia; signature accessories including a camera with strip, assorted spider-web shooting effect parts, a Green Goblin miniature, comic art inspired backdrop and graphics, also a figure stand! Swing into the world of your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man with this new figure! #SpiderMan #theAMAZINGSPIDERMAN #MarvelComics #Marvel #HotToysCollectibles #SixthScale

Posted by Mike Farbo at 2023-12-05 07:14:42 UTC