I figured I’d finally post my one and only Sideshow/Hot Toys piece. This is the Sideshow 1:1 Scale Lifesize Grogu Statue. One of my personal “holy grail” pieces I got from Facebook marketplace, brand new still sealed in the box with paperwork! The sideshow life size Grogu! He’s absolutely precious and perfect in every way. The colors are vivid from his green to his reddened cheeks and the interior of his ears. His beautiful brown eyes look so real, he’s got wisps of hair on his head, his old jedi robe has a very nice texture and arrangement to it, and he sits well on the stand, which has a great graphic on the bottom! He even has his magnetic razor crest shifter knob he can hold! The seller even included the shipping box! He said he just didn’t have room to display it and has to downsize, so the tape around the styrofoam container Grogu was in was still sealed all the way around from the factory. I also purchased him an accessory custom and I plan on getting more for him. He’s one of the more expensive pieces in my collection, most of my Star Wars collection is second hand thrifting items. I’ll make another post soon!

Posted by justthatstarwarsgirl at 2023-11-15 21:17:31 UTC