All 3 should be here by Saturday ( Will be at work sadly ) but Sunday I will definitely snap a few pictures. I'm very excited because a few months back I was debating on which one to purchase first but things came up and I had hold off, and Now I'm getting them both, and a Free Grogu! Can't go Wrong with a 3 Grogu's, am i right! ๐Ÿ˜‚ But as a new member to the community let alone new customer I just want to thank the Sideshow Staff and the Community Members for a Amazing Event. Happened to learn about Spooktacular after Work on Saturday so Sunday / Monday I made sure to join in on a few of the Live Streams. Did log in for the morning show today but had to go into Work so I missed Everything else after that sadly. Even though I didn't score a Figurine Code, I did manage to get some reward points and had a bit of fun in chat listening in and chatting with the community, So again, Much Love, Thanks Everyone and hope you had a great time! Now everyone can relax a little and enjoy some candy!

Posted by rwh84 at 2023-11-01 05:35:58 UTC