>>Sideshow will NEVER ask for any form of payment from you to claim a giveaway prize. If you are deemed the winner of any giveaway, please e-mail social@sideshow.com only.<< Wake up Samurai, it's time for another Spooktacular giveaway! Today we're taking a trip to Night City to offer you a chance to win the 饾棟饾椉饾椀饾椈饾椈饾槅 饾棪饾椂饾椆饾槂饾棽饾椏饾椀饾棶饾椈饾棻 饾棪饾椂饾槄饾榿饾椀 饾棪饾棸饾棶饾椆饾棽 饾棛饾椂饾棿饾槀饾椏饾棽 饾棷饾槅 饾棝饾椉饾榿 饾棫饾椉饾槅饾榾! Cyberpunk 2077 offers up a uniquely futuristic world filled with neon lights, cutting-edge style, and plenty of attitude. For this contest, your task is to take your favorite pop culture character and reimagine them in a Cyberpunk style. Restyle their hair & clothes, give them new cybernetic enhancements, and anything else that you feel truly gives them a cyber-futuristic look. To enter this giveaway: 1) Draw or digitally design a pop-culture character of your choice in a look befitting of the Cyberpunk 2077 style. Feel free to include multiple characters or accessories (for example: a cyber-Batmobile with a Batman entry) in your submission. 2) Take a picture of your drawing along with a handwritten or printed note with the tag #NightCityRunway 3) Post your picture as a comment to this thread. Additionally, include the hashtag #NightCityRunway in your comment. One winner will be chosen at random from the qualifying entries to win the 饾棟饾椉饾椀饾椈饾椈饾槅 饾棪饾椂饾椆饾槂饾棽饾椏饾椀饾棶饾椈饾棻 饾棪饾椂饾槄饾榿饾椀 饾棪饾棸饾棶饾椆饾棽 饾棛饾椂饾棿饾槀饾椏饾棽 饾棷饾槅 饾棝饾椉饾榿 饾棫饾椉饾槅饾榾. This giveaway starts 饾棪饾槀饾椈饾棻饾棶饾槅, 饾棦饾棸饾榿饾椉饾棷饾棽饾椏 饾煯饾煹 饾棶饾榿 饾煹:饾煬饾煬 饾棓饾棤 饾棧饾棫 and ends on 饾棪饾槀饾椈饾棻饾棶饾槅, 饾棦饾棸饾榿饾椉饾棷饾棽饾椏 饾煯饾煹 饾棶饾榿 饾煹:饾煬饾煬 饾棧饾棤 饾棧饾棫. The rules: 路 Due to international contest restrictions, this giveaway is open to US residents that are 18 years or older only. 路 One entry per person. Multiple entries will be disqualified. 路 Don't forget the rules of the group! Keep it family-friendly and respectful. 路 Read the official Terms & Conditions at http://side.show/contest 路 Learn more about the prize at http://bit.ly/46BThCw

Posted by Alex Stang at 2023-10-29 16:40:27 UTC