Just in case we hit a little glitch, I'm dropping the news from this week's Geekly Weekly right here! Hey there, Geeks! This week’s edition of the Geekly Weekly is going to be a little different. Why? Well, due to Spooktacular of course! From now – Tuesday, October 31, Sideshow is going to be filled with tricks...and over $15,000 in treats! If you haven’t registered (side.show/spooktacular) yet, there’s still time and you’ll receive $5 in rewards — a treat for sure! To start preparing for the event, we suggest you check out the event blog to see some of what’s to come. Of course, we won’t give away all the bloody details, as the motto of this event is “Sleep is for the Weak!” and boy...we mean it. Make sure you’re following Sideshow across all our social platforms (side.show/followus) and that your notifications are turned on. Things will be happening all day and night from the beginning of the event until the last werewolf howls on Halloween! You’ll want to pay attention to even the most innocent looking posts because we are hiding treats everywhere. (Giveaways and reward points are going to run amok!) Aside from the giveaways that normally pop up in our various groups, our website, and on our social platforms, there will also be a scavenger hunt. A group of words that form a phrase will be hidden across, well, everywhere. Check out blogs, our website, livestreams, social channels, and more. On October 31, you will be able to enter the phrase that you find on our contest page. The grand prize for this hunt is a prize pack featuring BOTH the Michael Myers Deluxe and Leatherface (Killing Mask) Sixth Scale Figures by Sideshow! Our blog (https://www.sideshow.com/blog/spooktacular-2023-event-overview) contains even more details about this super spooky giveaway. Remember the Following: Tune into our livestreams on YouTube for some amazing deals, reveals, and treats! Check out as many social posts on all Sideshow’s Social Platforms as possible. (These will be happening at ALL hours!) Our Spooktacular Spotify Playlist (https://side.show/spooktacularpl) is home to some fantastic tunes and perhaps more. Streams can pop up in our Facebook Groups or the Sideshow Social Network at any time of the day or night. Our Daily Deals (side.show/deals) page will be offering some killer discounts! Phew! Okay, that was a lot, wasn’t it? Now, go and grab a large stash of candy, some coffee, and get ready to bid your sleep schedule a temporary adieu! SLEEP IS FOR THE WEAK!

Posted by Missy at 2023-10-26 13:31:21 UTC