Today we have EXO-6 Captain Archer and the replica Captain’s Chair from Star Trek: First Contact that I received from Sideshow. We are truly in a Star Trek fan renaissance right now with the reinvigorated franchise in full swing. This include collectibles and I am happy to have another addiction other than my Star Wars collection (even if my wallet isn’t). Captain Archer has definitely gained more popularity over the years in my books. I always liked Scott Bakula’s portrayal but it took me some time to reconcile what I considered to be “canon-breaking” issues with Enterprise. Obviously in recent years we have to do that a lot more with the visuals etc. However when I watched Enterprise when it was live on UPN and getting episodes as they came out of Season 4 in an… ahem…. “creative” manner when deployed in Iraq, I really felt better about the show and where it was headed. Then, BAM, cancelled. It was really too bad and I do hope maybe we can do some short stories or a mini series to bring back some of those characters. As usual, Captain Archer looks better in hand than in the promo pictures. I think it’s a fair sculpt. Kind of like Janeway, the hair style isn’t quite what I feel like I remember for the character. Sadly in pictures with the way perhaps that I am lighting him, he looks a bit cross eyed at certain angles. However he definitely isn’t. I think there was a lot of effort put in here and though I think infinite time can bring infinite refinement, I think he looks pretty good. The detail on the uniform is amazing. You can see the time taken to tailor this jumpsuit, with all the seams and zippers and pleating. It’s amazing to see the amount of detail shrunk to 1/6 scale. Mission patch looks great and just love everything about this uniform. Accessories, our favorite thing about these collectibles. We have quite a few with this set, all lovingly rendered with the same details as the props. Paint work again looks amazing. Small details really give a lot. The phase pistol looks so good. And we get Porthos! The Captain’s canine companion is as cute as ever, just keep the cheese away from him. Onto the First Contact Captain’s Chair. It is beautiful in person. We have some soft materials mixed with the plastic. Really seems like an actual cushioned seat, though not as leather-like as the TOS Captain’s Chair from the previous line. Lighting is extremely nice, with great sound effects including lines from the movie. USB-C powered is great, giving no batteries to worry about. It would be nice to be able to have a remote or someway to remotely trigger it while in a display case but minor gripe. We have an unseated cushion and a cushion with seated indentation for better display. This is held on by magnets, which the ones from my cushion all pulled out from lack of (or weak) glue. Easy fix and minor complaint. Get this one while you can. All in all, these are both great additions to my collection. I am happy to keep growing my Star Trek collection and have displays to rival my Star Wars ones. They really do “bring me smiles.” Happy collecting! #SideshowCollectibles #EXO6Collectibles #ToyPhotography #StarTrek #YesSideshow If you liked this post and may be ordering this figure, please use my referral code (if you are feeling charitable): Captain Archer: First Contact Captain’s Chair:

Posted by Cody R. Solley at 2023-10-19 01:48:21 UTC