Hey Statue! We have another round of Let you Vote Sideshow! We want to hear which of your favourite statues you would like to see be released in the future. For this weeks poll: DC Hero’s! Pick your one favourite from the list below that you would like to see be made into a statue in the near future either in gif or written form. If we have forgotten a DC hero that you would like to see, please add it in the comments! We are very interested in seeing who comes out on top! Batman Superman Wonder Woman Aquaman Cyborg James Gordon Flash Green Arrow Red Hood Green Lantern Robin Bat Girl Superboy Blue Beetle Hawkman Nightwing Hawkgirl Shazam Swamp Thing Power girl Alfred Pennyworth Supergirl Beast Boy Starfire

Posted by Cody Beecher at 2023-10-14 16:30:48 UTC