Oh how the mighty have fallen. I'd expect crap from a show about a toilet, but not THIS crap. From an "article" at Lifehacker. Is the creator of Skibidi Toilet targeting other YouTube creators with copyright strikes? YouTuber DaFuq!?Boom!’s “Skibidi Toilet” series of weird YouTube shorts went from nothing to 30.3M subscribers and maybe a billion views in the space of only a few months, but with success comes controversy. Animation channel GameToons recently reported that the creator of Skibidi Toilet targeted their channel with copyright strikes for posting Skibidi-related content. Judging from this twitter thread, people who care about this kind of thing are angry, mostly at the hypocrisy. YouTube’s strike system is designed to keep posters from stealing other artists’ work, but as GameToons points out in a public note on their channel, Skibidi Toilet uses characters someone else created for video game mod Garry’s Mod in the first place. Plus, the most well-known Skibidi music is a couple of existing songs mashed-up. So it’s complicated. To add complexity, GameToons pretty much exists to make unfunny “parodies” using other people’s characters including lifts from Poppy Playtime, Rainbow Friends (a Roblox mod), Shrek, and countless other sources. Their content seems designed to catch the attention of small children who don’t know the difference too. Also: We don’t even know that GameToons really received copyright strikes—we only have their word for it, and the creators of kid-sticky, low effort YouTube content stirring up controversy by attacking a bigger rival wouldn’t be exactly surprising. In other words: I spent way too much time looking into this today.

Posted by Steve Nahra at 2023-09-22 17:02:10 UTC