Hey statue fans! We are excited to bring back Let your Vote Sideshow! What better time than during the Bestember event! We want to hear which of your favourite characters you would like to see be produced in the future. We will be visiting many of fandoms and characters so be on the look out for your favourites and to have your vote and your voice heard. For this weeks poll: Marvel Villians! Pick your one favourite from the list below that you would like to see be made into a statue in the near future either in gif or written form. If we have forgotten a Villian, please add it in the comments and feel free to give us an evil fist shake! We are very interested in seeing who comes out on top! Galactus Loki Ultron Thanos Magneto Doctor Doom Red Skull Mephisto Kang the conqueror Doctor Octopus Ronan Apocalypse Mysterio Eric Killmonger Hela Sabertooth Abomination Kraven the hunter Kingpin Barron Zemo Mystique Venom Juggernaut Carnage SandMan The Lizard Sinister Omega Red Hobgoblin Rhino Scorpion Electro Morbius Taskmaster

Posted by Cody Beecher at 2023-09-21 16:01:01 UTC