Ok, super happy that I was able to get this done. Still a couple of steps left but for now looks great. So, my wonderful girlfriend got me this @sideshow Catwoman figure as a present three years ago. I was excited as I love the Gotham City Sirens (Harley Quinn, Catwoman, and Poison Ivy). I don’t see too many sixth scale of Catwoman so this was a great present, particularly as it was an out of stock/print figure. I got her home and set her up in my display. Well, what I was unaware of at the time is that there had been some design issues with how the figure was made such as using super glue and partial silicone for the skin parts. Well a few months ago I went to repose her moving her leg there was a crack and the legs got super wobbly. YouTube let me realize it was as a result of the glue. I was sad as my love had gotten her for me and she couldn’t be replaced, or so I thought. Fast foward to last week was watching a video and discovered I could do a body swap on her. So I ordered a new replacement body and with a lot of work (superhero costumes/spandex lol) I repaired her and now she’s good as new. Even better as more flexibility and durability. Just a couple more minor tweaks and she’ll be finish. But here for now you can see what happened to the original and the finished fix.

Posted by Ventress_rocks at 2023-09-08 04:07:37 UTC