Alrighty, let’s get into some Imperial weaponary. In this post I present a pair of Hot Toys Dark Troopers received from Sideshow. A menacing force in Season 2 of The Mandalorian, this droid has a unique and powerful design ensuring it to be memorable. The sculpting here is great, with a fair amount of die-cast parts in the figure. I love the gloss black of the armor. The fine details are present here, small fasteners and rivets to molded pistons and all. The hands are sadly not articulated but this also means you have less chance of breaking them since they are swap out. We have a lot of firm ratcheting action here, and overall we just have a very solid figure. Accessories are tame, just the blaster rifle and hands. These are fresh off the line with perfect paint and gloss. The best feature is the light up chest and head. The battery compartment on the back was a bit difficult to get to, was very tight and you don’t want to damage the figure prying. Once you have them lit up, however, they come to life. I think this is great at minimum as a pair. It doesn’t do justice to have only one. Pairing this with Deluxe Luke gets you the swappable damaged upper torso which looks wickedly cool in a pair of legs (hint hint, they made a cameo with my Luke, coming soon). Do yourself a favor and get a couple of these before they are no longer available. You’ll be glad you did. #SideshowCollectibles #HotToysCollectibles #ToyPhotography #StarWars #YesSideshow If you liked this post and may be ordering this figure, please use my referral code (if you are feeling charitable):

Posted by Cody R. Solley at 2023-08-22 08:33:43 UTC