Happy Day 2 of Fandom Rewind ⏪ everyone! Where did my fandom all start? Well, when my parents rented me Last Action Hero from our local Video update rental store and long story short I was incredibly inspired and motivated by Arnold I looked forward to saving my money from shoveling snow ❄️ from neighbours driveways and sidewalks to build my first collection. Heading to the movie store with my money earned to put my order in with the store worker was one of my favourite things to do and getting my next Schwarzenegger movie! Here is my little collection that I have acquired back in the 90’s and have had ever since! Hercules in New York is still in its original packaging and never been opened! The movie is absolutely terrible by the way! 😝 I would love to see your little 80’s and 90’s collections that you are proud of and would not give up for anything!

Posted by Cody Beecher at 2023-08-17 13:01:00 UTC