I wanted to do something a little different today, and give credit where credit is due! There are so many pieces that we as collectors get to bring home that we are absolutely in love with! In one way or another these pieces bring us collectors a great deal of joy. That joy would not be possible without the artists that make our dreams, hobbies, and passions a reality! JP Mavinga reaches back into his life’s story to share his philosophy of art. He feels that art is a language that everyone can understand, and stories can be felt deeper than any words in any language. You can see his work in the Mr. Freeze Premium Format Figure, the Abbey Chase Premium Format Figure, the Han Solo Premium Format Figure, and many more, and one of my favourite pieces the Black Panther Premium Format Figure! I know I get excited when I see a piece that has been developed and has JPs name attached to that project! Thanks for creating these amazing pieces and I am looking forward to many more from you and the team! Let’s show some geeky appreciation in the comments for this amazing artist with some kind words or just a thank you gif! https://youtu.be/C3P6c7jVQTI

Posted by Cody Beecher at 2023-08-10 15:52:33 UTC