Congratulations to @Judy S , this week’s Geek of the Week! We asked a few questions to geek to know this geek a little better. What is your favorite fandom? STAR WARS™ & Marvel Who is your favorite character? I have two. I love Captain America and Bucky. I love the Ed Brubaker run in the comics, but I love how their friendship was portrayed in the MCU. Plus, the Winter Soldier has great hair. My other favorite is STAR WARS™, specifically the clones, more specifically THE BAD BATCH™. My favorite Batcher is Tech™. I love his personality, his ridiculous flying skills, and the great development he got in season 2. (My fingers are crossed the finale was a fake out.) What is your favorite collectible? I don’t think I could name my favorite. This animated Obi-Wan™ Maquette was my first non-action figure collectible, and I’ve loved it for 20 years. I was lucky enough to get James Arnold Taylor to sign it last year. What do you like most about the geek community? I love being in a group of people who have similar interests and who make or forward geeky dad jokes. This community has also inspired me to try to up my game with photographing my figures. There are some great photographers in this group!

Posted by Missy at 2023-08-01 21:05:18 UTC