Hello all, My name is patrick and a huge fan of television entertainment (series and movies) like marvel, legendary etc. Since about 3 years im into collecting 1/6th scale figures, and 2 years ago i found sideshow and i've ordered there ever since. Marvel is the only kind im collecting. Over the past year i've become better at posing and maintaining them. Taking pictures not so (bought a better camera last week, so i will practice more when i get new figures.) Im from the netherlands (europe) hot toys is not a a big thing as for the rest of the world. I hope trough this app i will be able to meet more people so i have some friends to talk to about my passion for these figures. Most of my friends dont see the valeu of this hobby, lets be honest its not for everyone, prices are insane. So i hope i've told just enough about myself, and if you are intrested tou can always contact me;) The picture below is the first hot toy i've got from sideshow.

Posted by patrickvanhal_41196 at 2023-06-26 23:18:12 UTC