I got my Voltron today from the contest! It is awesome! Some small damage to the art box, but nothing that affected the item itself. I assume this is what people get who order stuff on SideshowSeconds. To those that don't have this yet and plan to get it, be careful when you get the Black Lion ready to attach the other lions to it. One of the back paws that goes into the holes in the Yellow Lion came off, but I was able to re-attach it. Also the end of the yellow tail on the Black Lion came off, but I was able to get it back into place. I don't know if it will stay with repeated movement, but since I am keeping it in large robot mode for the forseeable future, it should be ok. Thanks again to everyone on the Sideshow team for this incredible gift. I really appreciate it.

Posted by TimG66 at 2023-06-20 01:25:06 UTC