So today I am going over another set of figures and accessories that work well together. I have Hot Toys Pre-Beskar Mandalorian, Swoop Bike and Blurrg from Sideshow. I have had the Mandalorian for a while, but never got around to photographing him due to some damage from the mail carrier that I needed to rectify. The TMS007 Mandalorian is a very nice figure. I know some people didn’t like the non-chrome of the earlier figures but I think the helmet and pauldron work nicely. The paint and detail on the rest of his older armor is nicely done, you can see he has been on many adventures. His weapon belt and bandolier combination is very intricate and detailed with all the individual rounds and other tools. We have quite a few nice accessories here and I love the stand with the Stormtrooper helmet on spike. The Swoop Bike, like other speeders and vehicles, is so large in person. Very nice paint work here, good weathering on the different areas of the bike especially things like the seat. We have some minimal articulation and a dynamic stand that give you some options for display. The included bags and Grogu figure are crafted nicely. Only down side is how the steering rods clip in, the clip on one side of mine was already cracked (this is being rectified by Sideshow’s amazing CS). I believe this was the same speeder from Season 1 so I felt like it could be used with older Mando without issue, and getting him seated naturally on it really wasn’t too bad. For all the complaints of limited articulation, some patience and tweaking seemed to get him there for me. The Blurrg is freaking humongous! The box is incredibly large, not sure if the pictures do it justice. This is such a lovingly rendered piece, the amount of detail in the skin and features of the Blurrg is incredible. If I didn’t know any better, this thing could have been a maquette for stop motion. Very easily compliments Mando nicely. I think the only thing would have been if they could have somehow articulated the jaw and possibly the eyes, but this may have left seams or other things taking away from the beauty of the sculpt. I wasn’t sure about acquiring this but I’m glad I did. Hopefully I can get Kuiil with Blurrg to go along with this (not sure if the paintwork is any different but it would be cool to have them side by side). All in all, glad I got both the Swoop and Blurrg during the May 4th deal. Both open up many options with the TMS007 Mandalorian, as well as the other versions of Din. These were incredibly fun to pose and photograph. As always this Pandora’s Box of a hobby strikes again! #SideshowCollectibles #HotToysCollectibles #StarWars #YesSideshow If you liked this post and may be ordering this figure, please use my referral code (if you are feeling charitable): Swoop Bike: Blurrg: Blurrg with Mando (essentially the same Mando as TMS007):

Posted by Cody R. Solley at 2023-05-24 03:13:18 UTC