So, on a whim I was able to purchase both EXO-6 Mirror Spock and Mirror Sulu (Spock was a waitlist conversion from Sideshow and Sulu was from a sale directly from the manufacturer). My Star Trek collection has been growing due to the renaissance of modern Star Trek and Nanjin Tam’s sheer determination in getting these collectibles out to fans. I am very grateful since I am both a Trekkie and Star Wars nerd. As I find myself saying time and again, somehow the EXO-6 Star Trek figures look better in hand almost every time compared to even the final production photos. You can tell the love that goes into them and the tinkering up to the last minute to get them as accurate as possible. These are both very beautiful figures and the sculpts and paint is improved when compared to the previous QMX Star Trek figures. I think both QMX Spock and Sulu are nicely done but it just seems like we had more love and more time to bake these sculpts and paintwork to get more and more accurate. Costuming is beautifully tailored as always. The colors are vibrant and the small details in seams and insignia pieces are all there. The Mirror figures suffer a little bit from glitter loss on those sashes. It’s just a tad, a couple flecks here and there but I found myself needing to handle them even more careful than usual. Otherwise, everything is just so nicely done, it amazes me how we get so much detail miniaturized down. Accessories are nice on both figures. We get our standard type 1 / type 2 phaser, communicator (for Sulu), the agonizer (for Spock) and the mirror universe blade and sheath. We have plenty of hand options for a variety of poses. We have the usual magnets in the clothing to put the accessories on to. My Spock had a little bit of a time with the phaser magnetizing but I think if I fiddled with the tunic and trousers a bit more I probably could have improved it. I think these are beautiful figures. I still haven’t decided if they fully go with the direction of my collection. As Nanjin says “buy the ones that give you smiles.” I will probably sit on these for a while and decide down the road. Perhaps they will remain or perhaps I will get them in the hands of someone where they will make them smile. To be clear, these are not at all bad figures, just not sure that I personally am vibing with them even though Mirror Mirror and other episodes in the franchise dealing with the Mirror Universe are very entertaining. Until next time, keep boldly going! #SideshowCollectibles #EXO6Collectibles #StarTrek #YesSideshow

Posted by Cody R. Solley at 2023-05-23 05:03:45 UTC