This is the way! Today I’ve got a few Mandalorians for enjoyment. I present Hot Toys Death Watch Mandalorian, Axe Woves and Bo-Katan from Sideshow. Exploring more of the culture of Mandalore and the developing narrative of The Mandalorian series, we have new and existing characters that give an interesting variety in looks and lore. I wasn’t sure if I should cut this up into seperate posts, but I decided to keep my review all together since I grouped the figures. The Death Watch Mandalorian is a pretty standard fair of a non-name character. Armor design and paint give us the Death Watch of old, but we can see the design standards throughout the culture. I do like his blaster rifle, it’s in interesting almost mid-size SMG type. We also have our sidearm, holster, and jetpack, giving us some variety in armament and posing. There is a switch out plate to get a little extra looks. Standard male helmet, great articulation and a solid figure. Getting him on a deal makes him feel like a solid value. Axe Woves is part of our trio of Night Owls. I think it’s a shame that no portrait was produced for this character, extra baffling considering both Bo and Koska were given sculpts. I feel like he was a bit light on accessories as well, single blaster and jetpack. The colors are striking, and armor as always is detailed. He comes with a backdrop that easily compliments the one that comes with Bo. Simple, yet effective. I guess in Season 2 when Axe was introduced there wasn’t a lot to him but this last season did expand the character some. My guess much like Paz we will end up with an updated figure. Again, this was obtained essentially for free on the May 4th deal, without the portrait I was hesitant on buying him. This is a figure I feel like is decent on a good deal, not sure he is worth full price though. I suspect there will be many sculpts produced if not already to “complete” this one. The top of this group is of course Bo-Katan. She is a nicely rendered figure. The headsculpt is nicely made, and I do think it was refined since prototype. Her armor is great, nicely cast and paint work is striking. I do think the underbody could have benefitted from something slightly different, she seems a bit thin in the hips compared to Katee’s frame in real life. I do think the paint and articulation really give Bo the “attitude” she has in the show, confident warrior but still searching for purpose. She has a good amount of accessories, I especially like her “hidden blade” so to speak. The backdrop and diorama railing piece was a nice touch and helps to set the scene combined with Axe’s. I found her shoulder pauldrons were a little weak manufacture-wise and separated from the velcro attachments, however this was easily remedied. Her arms were quite stiff, I used my mini hair dryer to heat her up before articulation, so just a heads up. Also interesting to me is that her jetpack is integrated. I’m not sure, maybe I have not paid attention in the show, but I was under the impression she was not always wearing a jetpack. Perhaps that is something to do again with how the Night Owls were portrayed in Season 2. So a lot of unpack here. Bottom line for me is that these figures compliment each other extremely well and it makes it easy to pose in a way that tells a story. There was some room for improvement, but I think with the right patience and depending on what you want in your collection, you can get these at a solid price point where you get a good bang for your buck. Happy collecting! #SideshowCollectibles #HotToysCollectibles #StarWars #YesSideshow If you liked this post and may be ordering this figure, please use my referral code (if you are feeling charitable): Death Watch Mandalorian: Axe Woves: Bo-Katan:

Posted by Cody R. Solley at 2023-05-20 22:15:25 UTC