BREAKING CONVENTION: SIDESHOW SHIFTS FOCUS FROM SAN DIEGO COMIC-CON TO INCLUDE FANS WORLDWIDE IN DIGITAL ENDEAVOR As the annual convention season gears up in San Diego, pop culture titan Sideshow is announcing a change in tradition: For the first time in over two decades, Sideshow will not be exhibiting at the San Diego Comic-Con. While bidding farewell to the familiar might surprise some, forging new trails to connect with fans has always been an integral part of Sideshow's mission. This evolution forms part of Sideshow's ongoing strategy to engage with the growing global collector community by transitioning its unforgettable showcases to the digital realm. Sideshow CEO Greg Anzalone explains, "For more than 20 years, Sideshow has reveled in the ever-evolving spectacle of SDCC. As we've transformed from a humble booth into a gallery-style showstopper, we've enjoyed sharing the magic of pop culture with fans at every event. But we've always dreamed of transcending the physical limitations of the convention, reaching out to a global audience hungry for more." As convention attendance prices and travel costs grow, accommodations become increasingly expensive and con passes become even harder to acquire, large-scale conventions have become experiences only accessible to a small percentage of the fanbase, unintentionally leaving a large proportion of global pop culture enthusiasts underserved. Sideshow CMO Robin Selvaggi added, “The recent past has seen our popular culture become the lead in global entertainment. While physical conventions have been wonderful, they've not been able to scale and appropriately serve the exponential growth in fandom. During the pandemic, we took the opportunity to experiment with virtual programming and our collectors' response was phenomenal. We were able to control lighting, technology, sound quality, and setup, which created a richer presentation of a wider grouping of collectible art. By moving our content to a virtual platform, Sideshow will be able to present an even broader selection of brands, art and unique product offerings, while delivering an inclusive experience to a global audience." Sideshow has been honored to be part of the history of San Diego Comic-Con as it has grown from a comic book-focused event to a movie and pop culture-fueled show. However, Sideshow now looks to concentrate its efforts on creating virtual experiences for its expanding global community of pop-culture enthusiasts. Sideshow and its partners are set to deliver their largest online experience to date through their Sideshow Con event, taking place July 18-21, 2023. This event promises fans and collectors four days of high-quality content, first looks, product spotlights, special promos, unique contests, giveaways, and much more. Collectors and fans can pre-register for Sideshow Con at

Posted by joe.lombardo at 2023-05-17 18:07:07 UTC