Yup, it’s that time again where I flood you with pictures. This post is about Hot Toys Jango Fett that I received some time back from Sideshow! The template for the Clone Army and Father to Boba Fett, this is a character that has had a large influence on Star Wars. As always, I feel like Hot Toys hits the mark with its costume and armor pieces. The Fett family’s armor is detailed and hides a lot of useful tools. I also like that the armor is integrated to the undersuit, instead of being strapped around. It’s an interesting way to have this armor compared to other iterations of Boba, though I do think it makes posing a tad more complicated to look natural. His heavy and thick boots are pretty awesome as well. His signature dual holster belt and ammo pouches are nicely done and very sturdy and stiff. Accessories are very nice here. We have the arm blade, grapple cord, the two different style jet packs with missles, flame effects for both the jet packs and flamethrower, multiple tools and his signature blasters. We also have his poncho and head gear for flying Slave I (yea yea I know they aren’t calling it that anymore but Han shot first, yada yada). There is a lot to mix and match for a variety of poses along with the included flight stand. The headsculpt is a beautiful likeness of 2002 Temuera Morrison. Paint overall is well done and all the little details you would expect are there. The gloss of this armor comes through, but it is by no means fresh off The Armorer’s show floor. There is a shine to the armor but at the same time we have weathering and we can see that Jango has been on many adventures. Overall this all makes for an excellent figure. I really enjoyed playing around with him, and posing options are really wide with this figure. He will look great on display in just about any way you prefer, whether that be a stoic museum pose or dynamic action shot. I’d say don’t sleep on this one, I know the Sideshow version was highly sought after before this was produced. Enjoy your collecting! #SideshowCollectibles #HotToysCollectibles #StarWars #YesSideshow If you liked this post and may be ordering this figure, please use my referral code (if you are feeling charitable): https://www.sideshow.com/collectibles/star-wars-hot-toys-jango-fett-hot-toys-903741?me=9bc2bf3t

Posted by Cody R. Solley at 2023-05-16 05:04:25 UTC