Alright! I was finally able to open my EXO-6 Captain Sisko that I received from Sideshow some time back. Life has been crazy busy and I have not been able to fully open a bunch of pre-orders that all converted around the same time. I think this standard version of Sisko is just spot on for the character. I think this is his best look with the goatee and the First Contact uniform. His articulation is quite good. I was able to bend his arms even in the duty jacket to be close to his chest. The shoulders are ratcheted and are very sturdy. The legs and boot design are strong and the character can stand on its own quite well. Uniform tailoring is top notch as usual. The change out shirt with zipper is pretty easy to change over, just a little patience and droppin’ his pants down (were the tops onsies IRL or did they use shirt straps?). The vest and the half open shirt give you a ton of options for posing him. Accessories are our usual array of PADD, phaser and tricorder. We also get the phaser rifle, alcohol glass from “In the Pale Moonlight” and, of course, Sisko’s signature baseball. The small details in the accessories is always very nice and impressively replicated in sixth scale. Paint application is pretty good. I did have a small defect with his commbadge that my hands are not steady enough to fix. Unfortunately Sideshow could not help me with a replacement of his duty jacket, so I have contacted EXO-6 to see if there are options. Otherwise face paint is nice, skin tone is nicely replicated, even hints of grey in his goatee. Accessory paint is no exception and nicely done as well. All in all I am glad to start the crew of DS9. I look forward to future releases, especially Jadzia and O’Brian. Have a great one and LLAP! 🖖🏻 #SideshowCollectibles #EXO6Collectibles #StarTrek #DS9 #YesSideshow If you liked this post and may be ordering this figure, please use my referral code (if you are feeling charitable):

Posted by Cody R. Solley at 2023-05-12 20:37:27 UTC