A huge congratulations to @Kara Zor-El - our new Geek of the Week! Let's give him a gif party in celebration! Who is your favorite character? Supergirl! That's why I chose Kara Zor-EL as my handle. What is your favorite collectible? Statues (Premium Format™ Figures) and art prints, mainly in the vein of powerful women. Oh and dragons! I have lots of dragon art. Currently the Yoda™ Legendary Scale™ Figure is my favorite piece in my collection. What do you like most about the geek community? Honesty, integrity, humanity, and the personal relationships that I have built through the Sideshow Network. Honestly, I think the social team while doing That Sideshow Show or other live streams, has been particularly enjoyable, especially in those rare moments of candor, it makes me feel like I'm talking to friends.

Posted by Missy at 2023-05-08 21:44:14 UTC