As we look back on 15 years since Iron Man came into theaters, I remember a few things about that time. I wasn’t as into comics at the time like I am now. I was aware of Iron Man and know if the character but even back when I was younger I wasn’t really a superhero comics guy. Mostly GI Joe and Transformers and more Batman and Spider-man as far as superheroes go to be honest. So going to the theater that day. Being familiar with RDJ and Jon Favreau and not super familiar with the character, I got my ticket and sat back and was completely blown away by the movie. Fast forward 15 years. Yikes! 15 years. My love of the films and reinvigorated interest in the books and stories that formed the material to bring the universe to life has brought me much joy over the years. Which brings me to this, below is the theme song for the Iron Man cartoon. I really don’t remember watching this show much but I can sing this song like I saw it yesterday.

Posted by Ventress_rocks at 2023-05-02 17:34:19 UTC